Hi, I am Rishabh!

I'm a Product Designer with a Master's degree from the University of Illinois. During my Master’s I worked as a UX Designer in an EdTech startup, launched a startup of my own, and worked on really diverse projects including a business design project in Tanzania and a communication tool for grandparents and grandchildren. I've worked in a few different verticals including healthcare, education, and the events industry and also across roles including as a UX Designer, a Design Researcher, and as a Design Strategist. For me, design transcends the boundaries of roles; it's ultimately about understanding people and their needs and desires. I'm passionate about crafting meaningful user experiences and making day to day activities of people a little bit easier.

I operate at the intersection of Design and Technology and believe that good design can change the world, at least one user at a time. I'm driven by curiosity and am passionate about experimentation. I am a hoarder of stories, experiences, and knowledge because I believe we are a reflection of our context.

 When I am not working, you will find me reading a book or making/breaking something.